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Better known as the pianist for LIVING SACRIFICE, Patty Dill has loved music all her life. At age 4 and barely able to reach the pedals, she sat at the piano creating melodies to some of her favorite songs. Beginning lessons at age 6, she studied piano through college and got involved with music whenever possible. Playing a major role in Band and Choir in high school, she was awarded the John Phillips Sousa Award for outstanding musician. The daughter of a Baptist deacon, she grew up in a little country church in Mark, IA where she enjoyed music the most. She accepted Christ early in her life and was eager to dedicate her talent to Him. She entered college majoring in Music, but later followed her second interest in Business. In 1987, Kyle Dill approached her about joining LIVING SACRIFICE as their pianist. LIVING SACRIFICE was a new group just getting started from the campus of Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. She not only played piano, but began honing her skills in arranging and composing music for the group.

"As a child, classical music was what I learned to play. I studied some of the great composers like Beethoven, Chopin and Bach. I loved jazz as well and played many Gershwin pieces. At the time, I wasn't sure what studying classical had to do with my interest in Christian Music. Now…I appreciate it must more and have included a touch of classical on my new piano CD." After 18 years with LIVING SACRIFICE, she began work on her first instrumental piano project at Oak Valley Studios in Nashville. PIANO PRAISE is available on CD through www.zionmusic.com or by visiting Patty at www.livingsacrifice.org.

Currently, she still plays the piano, sings Soprano and arranges music for Living Sacrifice. Patty married Kyle Dill, Tenor, in 1988. They live south of Macon, Missouri. God has blessed Patty in her journey as an instrumentalist and vocalist. "I never dreamed God would lead me to LIVING SACRIFICE 18 years ago. It's truly been an honor to be God's servant and to create music for His Glory!" Find out more about LIVING SACRIFICE and visit Patty at www.livingsacrifice.org.




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