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It is a wonderful privilege to serve Christ and be called His child. By His death, burial and resurrection we can freely experience the joy of His salvation. How could we as recipients of this gift of salvation not offer back to Him our proclamation to others? Embrace was called together in 2001 for that purpose.

Embrace consists of Marci Ferguson, Melinda Hand and Dane Truhett. Although these three do the singing, their mates and children are an integral part of the ministry. From the running of the sound, driving of the bus and even a song or two sometimes from the kids, many things go into the presentation of the message. They travel together as families and they minister together as families.

In 2003, Embrace placed second at the 2003 National Quartet Convention Talent Search out of 65 groups from across the United States and Canada. As you can imagine the group was very excited about this honor and the Lord has used it to open new doors for them. Embrace also signed with the Zion Music Group in 2003 and they look forward to a fruitful relationship.

Embrace has been blessed to record two projects and two videos. Their second project with the Zion Music Group they are so thankful for. Much prayer and soul searching went into trying to find just the right songs for the message the Lord had given them. Their first national single, "Why Not", was released in early 2004 and they are getting good feedback from the DJ's and people as they travel.

Embrace has been on Daystar and SkyAngel television broadcasts. They have performed at the Branson Gospel Music Association in the Americana Theatre and Majestic Theatre. They have also appeared at State Fairs, with numerous other groups both in Southern Gospel and other genres of music. Their ministry takes them both to the stage and local church where they have a heart for ministry.

Historically, the name of a Hebrew child carried with it the significance of life-long character. Children were often given a name that signified what their life would reflect. Embrace has chosen to accept the embrace of God unto salvation and His purpose for their lives. They have embraced Christ, His calling and each other in Christian love.



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