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Greg Powers
821 W. Thomas
Brownsville, TN 38012
E-mail: fourfold@four-fold.com

Website: www.Four-Fold.com


Character, consistency and commitment when joined with a "divine calling," yields a ministry seldom paralleled by the masses of today's standards. From Scotts Hill, Tennessee comes a musical ministry experience known as "Four Fold" that strives to maintain this standard of excellence deemed worthy of the Savior they sing about.

In June of 1985, six high school friends came together to form what seemed to be "special music" for a local revival service. A service indeed, because that night God ignited a revival fire that still burns nearly some twenty years later.

From then until 1996, these guys traveled at local churches, high schools and other venues while along the way making people notice that they had something to offer. In July of that year, others picked up on that by awarding them the winners of Frank Arnold's Songfest Talent Search held in Jackson, TN. The next year they began recording with Zion Music Group and award winning producer Kevin McManus.

In 1997, they embarked on a new journey that allowed them to take their ministry all across the nation as well as some foreign countries. Having been blessed with great charting songs such as "Shoutin' Singin' Happy!", "When He Set Me Free," and the heart challenging ballad, "Firmly Committed" they have a message to share of how God transforms our lives in new and astounding ways if we only give Him full control.

Currently Four Fold travels as a four-part all male Quartet Southern Gospel full-time music ministry. They perform with live instruments as well as accompaniment tracks in a high energy spirit filled atmosphere. They are represented by Rivergate Talent and Zion Music Group both in Nashville, TN.

The only remaining founding member presently serves as lead vocalist and emcee, although he did sing tenor for nineteen years. He selectively plays piano, keyboards on special musical selections as well as bass guitar for the group. He continues to lead the ministry efforts and is most respected by industry peers as a solid quartet manager.

In September of 1996, Tim joined the ministry team to sing bass for the quartet. He quickly gained national attention for his deep rich voice while delivering it with sincere heartfelt spirit. He was featured in 1999 on the group's first live recording entitled "Shoutin' Singin' Happy!" Having been away for four years to serve as a church music director, he returned in July 2004 to continue his tenure.

Lexington, Tennessee native, Jeff came aboard in July 2003. He now sings baritone and serves as the group's premiere instrumentalist. Having played for many years in his high school's award winning marching band, he now amazes the crowd with his solo renditions on the trumpet. He has quickly become a unique musical treasure that is sure to bless all that are privileged to share in this experience.

Most recently, industry newcomer, Bob Coffie from Moscow, Tennessee joined the group in June 2004. He fills the position of tenor that was previously held by Greg for nineteen years. Bob brings an uncompromising spirit as well as a smooth tenor voice reminiscent of those from the early quartets of days gone by. He completes this quartet with a sincere spirit of humor and humility.


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