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Kyle or Patty Dill
Box 550
Kirksville, MO 63501

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Twenty years and still singing all over the continent, Living Sacrifice has made Zion Music their home since 1997. Living Sacrifice, the scripture reference in Romans 12:1 where Paul challenges us "to present ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable..." is not just a name for Kyle Dill and Marty Archer. In 1984, when they formed LIVING SACRIFICE they were joined by two other friends to kick-off a back-to-school rally on the college campus of Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Each were actively involved with the Baptist Student Center and felt a call to go beyond those activities and sing in surrounding areas. Kirksville is still home-base for LIVING SACRIFICE. Their scope of singing has grown over the years to surrounding states and beyond. Today, Kyle and Marty are joined by their wives. Lisa Archer met Marty in the mid 80's and worked behind the scenes in the ministry. One night, she was needed to fill-in for the tenor who had suddenly become sick with the flu. Soon after, the tenor left the group and Lisa become permanent alto part. Patty Dill joined LIVING SACRIFICE in 1987 as the pianist. One year after touring, she and Kyle were married and later began singing soprano. LIVING SACRIFICE soon developed their own style as a mixed quartet and started writing some of their own music.

Their years in ministry have allowed them some unique opportunities to share about Christ. In 2000, they performed for an Iowa Caucus. For the past 2 years, they have performed LIVE with the Dakota Valley Symphony Orchestra in Minneapolis, MN. In 2003, they were nominated for a Diamond Award as Group of the Year. They are a featured group each year aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise for the Gospel Fest Cruise hosted by Matt Hunt. Each year, they perform at the Mid West Quartet Convention in Minneapolis.

On the home front, Marty and Lisa live in Kirksville and have a son, Cole. Kyle and Patty Dill live nearby in Macon, MO. The blend of two married couples brings a unique banter on stage as they share what God does. Their love for music and harmony shows in their songs and arrangements.


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