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President of Nashville Teleproductions, Inc. and Zion Music Group

Kevin is known to the world of recording as an expert engineer and producer. The lists of Southern Gospel and country hits he has recorded would fill a book. He also has an outstanding reputation for his expertise in producing quality videos. Some of his videos are award winning productions. Among the many awards bestowed on Kevin are a 1994 Emmy Award, 1997 Producer of the Year, 1997 Engineer of the Year, 1998 Engineer of the Year, 2000 Engineer of the Year, 2001 Engineer of the Year, and most recently 2002 Engineer of the Year Award!!

Kevin is an unassuming gentleman who is responsible for a lot of the progress made in taking the quality of the music in the Southern Gospel Industry to the next level. Kevin has also produced numerous country projects for such artists as Clinton Gregory, Gene Watson, Billy Walker and numerous others.

In his leisure time, Kevin enjoys hunting, flying golf, cooking and of course MUSIC!

He was married Dec. 11, 1999 to Beverly Cohron, the love of his life. They enjoy their home in a suburb of Nashville, Franklin, TN. The newest addition to their family is Radar Romeo McManus, their new Weimereiner dog.


Vice President

Beverly has worked for Zion for 14 years. She enjoys her job as Vice President and also oversees the accounting of the companies.

Beverly has also attended school for the past few years. She graduated from TSU in May 1999. She is currently working on her Doctorate and has a Christian Counseling service for family and individual therapy. We are excited about her accomplishments and the knowledge she brings to our Corporation. Beverly is frequently the featured speaker at marriage seminars and couple's retreats as well.

Beverly's parents live near Nashville in Mont Eagle, TN where her dad pastors a church. Her sister (Shawn Pope-see below) and family live very near Beverly and Kevin which works out wonderfully since they spend a lot of time together. They enjoy doting over Megan and Myles.

Kevin and Beverly also have a plane and when they are not working away at the studio, you will likely find them flying off to a relaxing weekend or to see a Zion Artist in concert. They also love to host parties and entertain guests in their home.

Beverly's other hobbies include shopping, spending time with her husband, reading, singing, decorating or...oh yeah....SHOPPING!


Assistant Engineer

Tyson joined our staff originally as an intern and once his intership was up....we realized we could not operate without him! We welcomed him on board as Assistant Engineer. Shortly thereafter, he was married to a beautiful young lady (Tracy) from California, which is where Tyson is also from.

So within a few weeks Tyson moved to Nashville, came to work for us, got married and moved his new bride to Nashville! That is a lot of change for a young man! They like being in Nashville but miss their families!

Tyson is a valuable employee of our company and we know that you will appreciate his commitment to excellence and his gentle professionalism.

Eric McGruder

A&R Division  
Jennifer Brewer

Director of National Promotions

Jennifer Brewer is currently the Director of National Promotions for Zion Music Group. Originally from Fairview Heights, IL, Jennifer has lived in Nashville since July 2007. Jennifer is also very active in her local church, Radnor Church of the Nazarene and loves supporting their outreach ministry, Music City Mission. Jennifer loves ministry and you will often find her singing and sharing in church services, revivals, concerts or wherever the Lord allows.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves to read, watch movies, attend a great concert, and of course SHOP!

Jennifer feels very blessed and privileged to be a part of the Zion Music Family and looks forward to serving you!


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