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StateLine Quartet
Larry Briggs
360 New Deal-Potts Rd
Cottontown, TN 37048
(615) 325-9553


In the fall of 1997 God began a new work in the lives of StateLine Quartet. Larry Biggs and two of his sons, Duane and Andy, began to arrange a handful of songs to sing at their local church. Soon after that, requests began to come in for them to sing at the churches of family and friends. After a few singing dates, the guys began to discuss forming an official group. On December 31st of that year, with the addition of a tenor singer and Larry’s brother Steve at bass guitar, the guys held their first official singing.

Originally, the quartet started out as “NewHeart”, finding out later that at least two other groups in the area shared the same name. They tried making a slight change by becoming “NewHeart Family Gospel”, but the similarities continued to cause confusion. In early 2004, “NewHeart Family Gospel became “StateLine Quartet”.

Larry’s youngest son Tim joined the group and has transitioned from sound engineer to drums, then to bass vocals, and finally settled in on the baritone part. Like his brother Andy, Tim has an ear for all harmony parts but he most enjoys the creativity of baritone.

In late 2000, Duane left the group to enter into the pastorate. The group tried a few different things at bass vocals but never really had a true bass voice until the boys’ uncle, Rick Bradley, came aboard in 2004. “He has a rich bass voice that really adds to the group’s sound,” says Larry.

Soon after the addition of Rick, Allen Poynter joined the group. Allen has a smooth tenor voice and fits in very well with the group both in sound and personality. Allen is really enjoying himself. He’s continually telling them, “I just want you guys to know how much fun I’m having right now.”

Today “StateLine Quartet” is more complete than ever featuring Andy with a powerful lead, Allen at Tenor, Tim at baritone, and Rick at bass. Larry adds live music as well as some of the vocals. Every member of the group has the ability to switch parts, allowing them to show diversity of sound. They like to feature a variety of styles as well, such as traditional and modern southern gospel, country gospel, and the occasional acappella arrangement. Larry and Duane also do some of the song-writing, adding some originality.

God has richly blessed StateLine Quartet through the years. Through tears of joy they’ve all come to realize that God has been in this since the beginning. He still is!


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