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When he was very small, Randy Swift's father used to tell people he was a "natural-born" musician. Everything that comes out of him is an "ear-perceived thing," as he likes to say.

At the age of five, Swift sang his first solo at the Church of God in Sparta, Tennessee, an experience that has led him to a music ministry lasting for more than 30 years.

Only five years after singing his first song, Swift, who plays acoustic, electric and bass guitar, fiddle, banjo, and piano, started playing with some regional gospel groups. After graduating from high school, Swift packed up "Old Blue," a 1966 Impala, and headed for Nashville. Shortly after his arrival, he was introduced to Jake Hess and was hired to play bass for Hess's family group, The Jake Hess Sound. When the Statesman decided to regroup for the first time since the death of Big Chief, they were immediately asked to sing at the 1976 National Quartet Convention. Since Hess was the only one with a band, Swift and four other musicians were elected to play with Jake, Doy, Rosie and Hovie on a night Swift will never forget. The years that followed saw Swift playing gospel music with various groups across the United States.

During a Saturday night revival in February of 1978, Swift met his future wife Rhonda Boucher. He asked her to come back to church the next morning and then later they would go get something to eat. Less than 24 hours later, Swift asked Rhonda to marry him. They were married on August 30, 1978. She later told him she had seen him on T.V. and knew he was the one God intended for her.

In 1994, Swift embarked on a solo career. At about the same time, he picked up a pen and wrote the first of many songs, "The Seeds Alive." Swift wants his music "to say something and to be different." He wants it to be music that makes people think. "I want it to be music that makes a difference and as a result changes peoples lives. When people come to me and say I got the real meaning of what you were trying to say is the biggest blessing to me."

The light of Swift's life is his 13 year old son Joshua Landon Swift. Joshua plays drums for his father as he sings and ministers across the country. Swift enjoys being a father and tries hard to be the kind of father to Joshua that his father was to him.

Swift believes family is extremely important, so he takes his with him wherever he goes. "We should do things as a family unit as much as we can in today's world."


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